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Pizza Oven Accessories

There are several essential accessories that should be purchased along with your pizza oven. Without these accessories, your pizza oven will be difficult to operate properly.

Oven Door

A pizza oven door is a crucial accessory. The purpose of an oven door is to control air circulation. When the door is closed, circulation is stopped and when the door is open, circulation is accelerated.

While the door is typically kept off of a pizza oven while using flames to cook food, the door can come in handy when baking or roasting.

Flue Pipe

A flue pipe is the pizza oven accessory that allows smoke and gasses produced by a fire to safely exit the oven.

In short, the flue pipe helps to ventilate the pizza oven. Without a flue pipe, the smoke will become trapped in the oven & can contaminate both the air & food.

Chinese Hat

Chinese hat is the term used to describe the shape of one type of cowl.

A chinese hat cowl operates in the same way as a traditional cowl- by regulating the temperature inside the pizza oven- but is in a shape that resembles a chinese hat. These are one of the most common types of cowls.

Pizza Spade

A pizza spade, also known as a pizza paddle, is the device used to pull the pizza out of the oven. By holding the handle and sliding the large flat paddle underneath the pizza, it will lift up your pizza easily.

Unlike a conventional oven, you can’t reach into a pizza oven with oven mitts to retrieve the food. It must be removed from the oven with a large pizza spade.


A cowl is a hood-shaped covering that goes on top of a flue pipe in a pizza oven. The cowl increases the draft of the flue pipe, but prevents backflow.

This can help keep the fire in the pizza oven burning for longer so you don’t need to continuously add wood.


In a pizza oven, you’re bound to have everything from pizza crumbs to ash left inside.

It’s crucial that you clean out your pizza oven to avoid contaminating future foods and to keep soot from gathering.

A pizza oven rake is designed to reach into all corners of your pizza oven to make sure that it’s spotless.


When cooking in a wood burning pizza oven, temperature is very important. Wood burning ovens tend to heat up quicker and to hotter temperatures than conventional ovens. Because each type of food should be cooked for a specific amount of time at a specific temperature, it’s crucial to know how hot the oven is.

While flames cook pizza much more effectively, it isn’t as easy to regulate the temperature in a pizza oven as it is in a conventional oven. Therefore, a durable stainless steel thermometer is needed to be placed inside the oven.

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