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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size oven is best for residential use?

Firstly you will need to make sure you have enough space for the pizza oven. Please see our base sizes. Our most popular oven for residential is our 70cm oven. The reason for it being the most oven is that it takes up less space. If the space is lit an issue then the 90cm oven would be the one to go for.

2. Can the pizza oven be couriered?

Yes, all our pizza ovens can be couriered all over South Africa. Our ovens come in a kit form or you can have it fully assembled.

3. What is the best wood to use?

We would recommend bluegum or blackwattle. The most important thing is the wood should have between 15 and 20% moisture in it. This way the oven will heat up much quicker and efficiently.

4. Are hairline cracks normal?

Yes. It is normal. That is just from the oven heating up. Hairline cracks can be repaired with pollyfilla and then the oven can be painted.

5. What paint can be used on the oven?

We would recommend using water-based paint like deluxe weather guard.

6. Does the oven need to be prepared beforehand?

Yes. Before using the oven, you will need to cure the oven starting with small fires gradually, increasing the heat each time for about 1 – hours.

7. What base size do you need to fit the pizza oven?

Please see our “how to build our base” page.

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We are based in Cape Town but can supply our pizza ovens throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswanna. Fast and cost-effective delivery of your pizza oven is important to us. All our pizza ovens are handcrafted only using the highest quality materials. Feel free to contact us.

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