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When cooking food, home gas ovens and grills rely on convection and conduction heat that bake a pizza from underneath. However, this is not how a true pizza should be made. In a wood-burning oven, radiative heat is what bakes a pizza. This means that it is the heat, which comes directly from the flames, that cooks food in a pizza oven. In a home gas oven or grill, there is a lack of flames and thus a lack of radiative heat.

It isn’t too difficult to understand how a wood-burning oven works. The fire is lit inside the oven and heats up the inner dome and hearth. All well-made wood-burning ovens are well-balanced. It is the balance of the oven that allows food to be cooked evenly. In a wood-burning oven, the length of time it will take to cook a food item will depend on what the food item is, the amount of wind, the type of wood used and the water content inside the oven.

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